Watch Your Phone While You Are Traveling!


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Your smartphone is a necessary thing while you are traveling. You can use it to rent a car in New York JFK, find a good hotel or even book a table for this night. You can find a way and use your smartphone for shopping. Nevertheless, you’d better to watch your gadget on the go. So, how to protect your smartphone and all the information you keep on it? You can lose your helpful device or damage it. Also, information you keep on your phone, pictures and documents, is priceless. Let’s learn how to protect it in the best way.

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Use VPN to Protect Your Data

It’s not about what you want to protect the most your phone or data, but what you HAVE TO protect! It is very important to protect your personal information, photos, messages, banking information, credit card number. When you are traveling, you try to use free WiFi whenever you can find it, in the hotel, airport, even in the city bus. You should remember, every time you tie into a net, especially if you don’t even need a password to connect, your telephone becomes open to hackers. There are special hacker nets that are waiting for your visit to hack your information. VPN is needed. This is a useful tool that is able to protect your data every time you tie to the public WiFi. VPN codes your traffic and no one can hook into your data.

Use Telephone Case

The next important step to secure your phone is protecting it physically. Just try to buy a case. As you can see, modern telephones are thin and light, they weight nothing and can be easily damaged when you drop it on the floor. This problem is especially hot while you are traveling. It’s not a big problem if you buy a case. By the way, you can make an exclusive case for your phone of your own design. There are many websites that are ready to do it for you. A telephone case can protect your apparatus from being scratched and broken. Pay attention to the silicone case.

Don’t Keep Phone in Back Pocket

It is very dangerous situation when your smartphone falls down on the street, in the public library or in the shop. There can be even worse when your new and shiny telephone falls down in the toilet. It always happens when you keep it in the back pocket of your jeans. It is also very convenient for robbers to stole a telephone from your pocket. If you don’t like cases and prefer keeping your gadget in the pocket, let it be a pocket of your jacket, but not pants.

Watch it!

It sounds trite but true: watch you phone! Just be careful and never leave your phone on the table in the restaurant. It is impolite and of course, it can be easily stolen. Also, watch your phone in the hotel room, except for a hotel lock box. Also, don’t leave your phone in the car. Tourists often use their smartphones for GPS navigation and can easily forget their phone on the car panel when they need to go for coffee. It is enough to break a window to take your phone out! Watch your phone!

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Use Passwords and Biometric Protection

Using passwords is not necessary, isn’t it? Do you use a password for your phone? The most of the people don’t use passwords as it is not comfortable. It’s a big mistake! Password, even the simplest one, is going to protect your phone and your data. If you have a cool newest telephone model, it is equipped with biometric protection: finger print. This is the best protection of your data! Make sure that the passwords you use are complex, consist of letters and figures. It must be more than 8 symbols.



Tracking Apps are Needed

There are many helpful apps that you are offered to download to track your phone whenever it may be. Actually, these apps are good for only when you turned them on. Make sure you turned them on! There are also many modern apps that help to control your phone work even distantly. Your phone can take photos of those people who are trying to steal your phone. You can block the pin code and e-mail you about the situation that is happening. Your information should be protected in the best way and the newest technologies can help.

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While you are traveling, your attention is concentrated on many interesting things around: city sights, tasty food, attractions, and amazing nature. Sometimes you use your phone to book a table for today or find the shop with the cheapest prices. You can use it to buy tickets or find the cheapest laundry. Watch your phone!