Stay stress free to lead a lovely life

According to recent survey everyone experience stress. From children to adults everyone faces the problem of stress. Stress is caused by the personal inability to cope up with certain situations. Even though it is unavoidable, it can be managed or reduced. Before starting to recover from stress, cause of it has to be found. It is differentiated into types. They are

Stress free

  • Acute stress
  • Chronic stress

Acute occurs for short time and the period of recovery is also short and easier. Chronic occurs over for long period of time. This kind is not good for health. It increases oxidative stress in the human body cell which can cause depression, anxiety, stroke, cancer and many other heart problems. As we know most of the heart problem occurs due to stress. Stress or panic of particular matter increases acidity in the body which is not good for cells in our body.

Symptoms of stress

  • Difficulty in brain memory and concentration
  • Outlook of the person – They may be anxious or worried
  • Emotional symptoms – Moody and low level of acceptability with high irritation capability
  • Physical symptoms like migraine, chest pain, constipation and so on.
  • Behavioral symptoms – Change in eating or sleeping pattern.

If any of the above symptoms are found, then he/she has to take stress management. This includes various techniques to reduce stress level. Most important fact is not to give more important for the matters that we cannot change and not to keep on worrying about things that increases the stress. In case of not able to stop worrying and if it keeps on increasing there are few management techniques to carry out. They are

  • Exercise daily for particular time period
  • Autogenic training to relax your mind
  • Get into a hobby that diverts the focus
  • Focused breathing to regularize the blood flow and keep your brain function healthy
  • Time management to keep yourself busy with other things and forget the worrying matter
  • Stress balls to divert your focus
  • Listening to music
  • Yoga incorporating with exercise
  • Prayer – If you are religious concerned and then nothing can beat a good prayer.

There is none in the world stays without stress. So do not keep yourself stressed. Learn the tactics to maintain a healthy life without stress.