Planning For Your Big Rehearsal Dinner


The toughest part about hosting a rehearsal dinner is knowing the best way to hold it and how to cater it. That’s not because you have to do anything special for this component of your wedding, it’s because you won’t have any clue how many people are in fact coming!

Most guests can’t make their programs far enough in advance to inform you whether they will be around before the big day, and so they can not give you a straight yes or no on whether they’ll be at the rehearsal rooms Toronto or not. “If I can be, I will be.” Most may say, which will not help much.

To address this problem, just count how many men and women give a definite yes in the RSVP’s you get, then split the number of guests to this number and create a proportion. Nowmultiply that by the total number of invites you’ve sent out and there’s a fantastic goal figure.

To be certain, go through your guest list and mark off that which you think can produce the occasion.

Another difficult part is finding the right decoration and essentials. Any banquet hall or restaurant will state they have some you can use, but do you need also? You most likely wish to define your theme and this takes some time.

The crucial thing is to take dimensions early, once you locate a venue and start hunting through stores online. You can narrow down by type and choose just decor which you truly need like sashes, bows and ribbons, or stick to some standards like dining table card holders, and simple candles. That might be sufficient.