Learn Secrets to Rent Houses Faster For More Money – Here’s the Best Way! (Fourth in a Series)

In this particular series of articles on how to fill rental house vacancies quickly for more money we have talked about merging modern hi technical marketing with tried and true direct response advertising and some things we all discovered in psychological and marketing research about why folks make buying decisions.

And while this will get people inside the door faster and for more money, the best technique to reduce vacancies is not to have any.

Of course that is not possible. People may move and life happens. But it is possible to reduce the quantity of vacancies and at the same time you can develop additional revenue sources and also prospects from the current tenants.

The additional revenue sources usually are limited only by your imagination. Obviously you can rent furnishings and household items. We recommend shopping for the tenants’ needs at the Sheriff’s Youth Ranch store where almost everything goes on sale at some time or another and was cheap to start out.

If you do not have one in your area, try Salvation Army, Goodwill, and so forth

Ask the “employees” walking around the store when what you want goes on sale. In the Sherriff’s Youth Ranch, many of these “employees” will be convicts working off community service time and have no need to see store profits maximized and will help you. Imagine teaming up with convicts to rent houses fast for more funds and it’s all legal.

Charge for washer and drier, television, beds, dishes. Anything you can acheter louer cheap you can hire for less than the professional rental companies. You and the prospects both win.

Put your tenants on your renters e mail list and let them know what you have in available property because they may have friends that would be interested if your tenants understood about the vacancy. They will also probably not recommend friends that are not ideal.

One tenant told me her cousin was looking for a place yet she had just been evicted because she existed “La Vida Loca. ” A good endorsement or a negative one are equally valuable coming from someone who really is aware.

In one of the bonuses we offer with the purchase of our new e book “911 for Landlords: Help is on the Way, ” you can expect a list of two dozen ways to increase revenues or lower expenses of rental properties.

Be sensitive to the tenants needs and take the attitude you are all together trying to fix mutual problems. Do not think of a world of us against these. Think of working together and expect favorable outcomes.

You need to treat the existing tenants as assets just as you do any call

from a tenant who is not qualified for the residence you are marketing now. Both current tenants and leads not qualified for the current vacancy can help develop long term business.

Extending your tenants stay creates fewer vacancies to fill and it is amazing how they can come up with leads every once in awhile. We are not suggesting that you do renovations or needless perform to keep them happy, rather realize in the age the location where the Internet offers everything for free you simply need be more tuned into what the tenants are thinking and need.

You also need to be choosing the cheapest way to full fill needs and desires and honest approaches to say no that will satisfy the tenant’s ego if not his or her wish for a new microwave. Legal, societal and media motions make the playing field more tenant friendly and demand smarter landlord answers.