Have Fun, Be Safe with GPS


Worldwide Positioning System (GPS) was created by the US Department regarding Defense to answer the second most important question an army provides: “Where are we? ” (The most important question getting: “Where’s the chow line? “)

Today, GPS satellites constantly send signals ground-ward; these signals are taken care of by GPS receivers, which calculate position. It failed to take long for police and fire departments, construction deckie’s and other civilian operations to see the value of GPS.

For buyers, the industry needed to refine traceur gps espion tracking system into useful, consumer electronics. For example , it does little good to know you’re from 40 degrees 33 minutes 24 seconds north 118 degrees 48 minutes 36 seconds west, unless you know already that’s where is located and you’re trying to parachute on the office roof. So , manufacturers added street by avenue visual directions.

The Global Position System has three industries:


Twenty-four active plus five standby satellites orbit the Earth twice each day. At least four should be ‘visible’ for the ground at all times, allowing GPS tracking system users to be able to precisely determine latitude, longitude and altitude.

Command and also control system

Currently under the direction of the Air Force Room Command, certain areas are managed by other organizations, such as the Coast Guard Navigation Center (for maritime issues).

GPS receivers

GPS units are receive-only electronics; they don’t transmit data or interact with other sectors of the method. This allows an unlimited number of simultaneous users. In other words, this may be the sole operation of the US government that is available 24/7 and will never put you on hold!

Consider its use before buying any GPS unit:


Probably the most popular application, just about all car GPS units include street maps; high-end types offer turn-by-turn voice instructions. Frills include touch screen operations, cell phone connectivity, video games, radio, CD or DVD participants and computer links to receive software updates.

Cell phone GPS SYSTEM

Mandated in the aftermath of September 11th, the Federal government Communication Commission (FCC) required cell service providers to make NAVIGATION SYSTEMS tracking of cell phone calls possible. All phones made given that 2005 are GPS-trackable. Cell phones including handheld GPS receivers are also available, but may not operate properly if you are outside the house your cell providers’ service area.

Recreational GPS

Arm, armband and handheld GPS units are especially good for walkers and bikers.

Marine GPS

Marine GPS is, of course , waterproof (most electronics don’t react well to h2o! ) and they float–not a feature you actually want to use, but most encouraged should extreme circumstances arise. Ocean maps are notoriously dull to read, but shoreline maps and features just like tide tables and fish-finders can be very useful. Marine GPS tracking is especially valuable when entering or exiting congested harbors.