Diamond Jewelry Buying Guide


About the Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate diamonds are fairly affordable brown-champagne colored stones which are as eye-catching since they are uncommon. It must come as no surprise that these gems are sometimes referred to as brown or champagne diamonds. Throughout the last couple of decades, this lovely brown bead has gone through an enormous increase in reputation for both celebrities and normal diamond jewelry buyers as well. Fancy diamonds, especially the chocolate diamond engagement rings, are already beginning to enter mainstream engagement ring brands, but this gem is rather different. Diamond customers frequently are searching for new and different styles. Whether or not you are looking for an exceptional diamond engagement ring or other piece of jewellery like necklaces, earrings, or a necklace, this original champagne gemstone is unquestionably an exceptional option.

Strong and Exceptional Style

The chocolate bead retains its exotic splendor when set by itself as a solitaire and also when applied to be a contrast for other stones, like in a channel setting. This brown pearl creates an outstanding contrast which white diamonds will not achieve. The bead appears in a diverse array of colors ranging from cinnamon (pale brown), cognac (reddish-copper/orange brown), honey (orange/yellow brownish), and profound clove (dark olive brown). This broad array of tones may accommodate a lot of skin tones, hair styles and colors, together with other fashions where a coloured colored diamond could appear on the one hand overly exaggerated or simply too flat. Consequently, the chocolate diamond is unquestionably a great stone for anybody owning a good idea of the personal style. A champagne diamond ring or item of jewelry may be vastly more subdued than the whiter gem, but can also be considerably more daring.

Setting for a Chocolate Diamond Ring

A chocolate-brown diamond matches nicely in lots of designs of rings and jewelry settings. Even though most stones (such as the canary diamond) require a setting which will enable optimum lighting, a champagne diamond proceeds to appear fantastic in a more enclosed atmosphere. Similarly, determined by your preferred style, a chocolate diamond will appear equally as extraordinary with any metallic setting, whether yellow or white gold, platinum, or a different metal. One of the more intriguing traits for a chocolate bead is its variety of extraordinary contrasts while blended with other stones.

The Exceptional Gemstone for a Unique Individual: The Chocolate Diamond

You likely have already understood that the chocolate diamond might not be for just anyone. Regardless, if you’d chosen to be just like everybody else, you would most likely not happen to be looking to get a coloured or fancy diamond from the start. If everybody wished to be just like every other individual, there could just be colorless diamonds… The saying goes, a diamond is ceaseless. Many feel it’s just as important that a diamonds aren’t simply eye-catching but also different. The brownish diamond satisfies this criterion very well and is also an excellent match for somebody with a distinctive streak in their personality.